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Softball Custom Nike Elites 2018

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New 2018 Second Edition Custom Nike Elites
New Authentic Nike Elites Customized with a Softball Inspired Design

Our graphic designer has 19 years experience in the industry. He works to achieve perfection. Some sock designs may take six to eight hours to create. The entire sock is covered and there is very minimal white lines if any. The reason for our price is that we use the highest quality of paper and only patented inks. These socks will last a long time where others will fade. You get what you pay for with our company.

LARGE 10-13
XL 12-15

Our Custom Socks
We customize authentic Nike Elite Socks and other athletic socks. Our process will produce a different pair of socks each time. During the customization process, small variations can occur.

Small imperfections will occur on each pair since they are custom made for you. The pictures for each sock are representative of the sock you will receive.

Nike has not approved these socks, but they did make them -- we customize them!

These will be your socks, each pair is unique and custom made for you.

Because these are custom made for you, no returns can be accepted.

The Nike logo and Nike name are registered trademarks of Nike, Inc. We are an independent company and not affiliated with Nike, Inc.