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What Makes Us Different

What makes us different?

We here at SickestSocks.com strive for perfection when creating our designs. Our graphic artists have been in the business for 19 years.

We cover the entire Authentic Nike Sock -- even the bottoms. You may be surprised what may appear on the bottoms -- take a look sometime and see -- the bottom might be unique (more than the sock itself) or contain funny tag.

We also customize Nike socks for kids.

Each sock has a story. For instance our Venice Beach sock isn't just customized to go along with Kobe Venice Beach shoes. You are actually looking at a part of Venice Beach through our artist's eyes. 

We also create many designs in which the 
Be unique, be different, make a statement and look good.

That's what our job at sickestsocks is for you.

These will be your socks, each pair is unique and custom made for you.

Because these are custom made for you, no returns can be accepted.

The Nike logo and Nike name are registered trademarks of Nike, and we are not affiliated with Nike